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Anti-Gas Formula

CharcoCaps® Anti-Gas Formula is a naturally gentle, safe, non-drug that adsorbs and eliminates intestinal gas & bloating FAST!* Thanks to CharcoCaps®, you don't have to stop eating your favorite foods because you're worried about the intestinal gas and bloating they can cause. Take CharcoCaps® for intestinal gas caused by a wide range of foods, including dairy products like yogurt, proteins such as fish, fatty foods, fruits and vegetables, and foods high in fiber.

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Dietary Supplement

Do acidic foods bother your bladder?

The acid in those foods may be giving you all that trouble. “Trigger Foods” include coffee, fruits and juices, tomato sauce, wine and many others whose acidity is often not immediately obvious until the effects are felt. PRELIEF® is the only product that takes out food acid as you eat and stops the foods from causing painful symptoms.

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Prostate Health Complex

If you’re a man over 50 years of age, you may be experiencing the symptoms of an aging prostate such as frequently urinating or waking up often at night to urinate. In fact, this occurs in over 50% of men between ages 50 and 69, and in nearly 90% of men over 70 years old. Planning the day around where the bathrooms are, or just avoiding circumstances so you don’t have to worry about finding a bathroom in time is a quality of life issue.

URINOZINC®, recommended by urologists, is a natural supplement that promotes normal prostate health and function with clinically-tested ingredients such as Beta Sitosterol, Saw Palmetto, Lycopene, Pygeum, Vitamin D, Zinc, Stinging Nettle, etc. URINOZINC® is the leading prostate health brand available without a prescription at local and major retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as online.

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